Wes Mantooth - HTML5 Canvas Game Engine - Version 2.x - by Jeremy Heminger

Classes organised alphabetically

Wes Mantooth is a hobby project. It's a framework designed to automate some of the graphical aspects of visual Javascript programming, including game development.

Getting Started

Wes Mantooth uses an alias $w similar to jQuery

    window.onload = function(){

log -> {Void}

sends a string to the browsers console

Name Type Description
text String

The log file is deactivated by default. It can be activated in the initialization of the class or (preferably) overridden in a program

                        $w.boolLog = true;

slocation -> {String}

returns the URI path to the base script. Useful for includes, etc...

makeFPS -> {Void}

creates an HTMl element to hold the FPS (frames per second) variable for display

Name Type Description
s Boolean if true display the FPS variable

upFPS -> {Void}

updates the visual FPS value

Name Type Description
$t Object The target DOM node to draw the FPS

loop -> {Void}

loops through the game objects and preforms the loop function for each object added using add_object

This will be modified in the future to be required. it will also have multiple functions to run as per how it is done in Game Maker.
  • create
  • start loop
  • loop
  • end loop
  • destruction
  • function

add_object -> {Void}

creates and instance of an object and canvas, initializes it and returns an ID

Name Type Description
r Integer the number of new objects of this type to add
o Function the object to duplicate
p Object parameters to pass to the function
$t Object target object to attach the canvas DOM node